Public Collections

Alameda County Arts Commission
County of Alameda’s Clerk-Recorder’s Satellite Office, Dublin, CA
County of Alameda’s Clerk-Recorder’s Building, Oakland, CA
Social Services Building, Oakland, CA
Gail Steele Wellness Center, Hayward, CA
Hayward Permit Center, Hayward, CA


Día de Solidaridad Mundial con la Lucha del Pueblo de Puerto Rico/Day of World Solidarity with the Struggle of the People of Puerto Rico, offset, 26”x19”, Havana, Cuba, 1973. Designed while on staff at the Solidarity Organization of the People of Africa, Asia, and Latin America (OSPAAAL), a connection between my print & publishing collective Peoples Press and OSPAAAL

New Mexico Digital Collections
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

The University of New Mexico University Libraries hosts the New Mexico Digital Collections, which originate from the University of New Mexico and from other New Mexico cultural heritage institutions.


The Force of Life album cover for the Red Star Singers, 1974

Smithsonian Folkways
Washington, DC

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution. The organization is dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound.


Palestine Cultural Day, offset, 22”x16”, 1979

The Palestine Poster Project Archive

The Palestine Poster Project Archives is a collection of over 5,000 posters curated by Liberation Graphics founder, Dan Walsh.


Oakland Museum of California
Oakland, California

Interference Archives
Brooklyn, New York

Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Los Angeles, California